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The Revolution
Our current office is in the New Orleans Metro Area

    Construction Risk and Recovery Services
 Since 1988


Accuracy is what we strive for.
In development, tracking, reporting, analysis and recovery if your information is not accurate then you are unaware of your options. Inaccurate information is like not having any information at all.
Clarity, simplicity and completeness are also major components of our work product. All processes and deliverables are governed by a strict set of rules honed out of the hard work of tens of thousands of hours of experience. 
Our management concepts and role are new to the construction industry and are an  evolution/revolution of traditional  project management practices. 
We view our services as "Risk Management of the Construction Process". You have millions if not billions of dollars "AT RISK". The payoff is huge when you use our service and tools to turn your risk into opportunity.
From cradle to grave and beyond we provide the guidance, sustainability and accuracy you and your teams need to reach your goals.
Other firms that call themselves "consultants" are nothing more than "head shops" or staffing companies. They get their expertise off the street.
Our expertise is demonstrated in our in-house developed tools now available to you. With our tools and experienced consultants we can turn your team/office/culture into the project management office you have been working towards that will launch your company to the top tier of professionalism and customer satisfaction not to mention the rewards from turning risk into opportunity; increased profit, safety and quality.

Experience counts and NATE is proof. Experience the evolution of project management today.

Nate an expert decisional system developed by Palcon Consultants. Copyright 2009.


Nate an expert decisional system developed by Palcon Consultants. Copyright 2009.

Training Class Schedule Fall 2009
Location TBA
Network Analysis to Reduce Construction Risk-Basic Training
Classroom 212
Project Risk Reduction Simulation
"Build a Network then Build the project"
Classroom 114
NATE Training
Back Courtyard


S.C.A.M. Analysis Training

River Room


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