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The Revolution
Our current office is in the New Orleans Metro Area

Experience the evolution of project management!

.......when you need expert decisional based rules on your project.

Palcon Consultants COPYRIGHT 2009
IN HOUSE developed system to accurately develop a Baseline Schedule. Incorporates expert decisional rules honed from tens of thousands of hours of experience. Also can incorporate the S.C.A.M. Analysis and BUT-FOR Analysis for cradle to grave protection .


Construction Risk
and Recovery Services
........when you need help


When you need a turnkey solution to your SCHEDULING, CLAIM or LITIGATION need our risk management services can help you profit. Your business is making a profit from building not dealing with projects that have extreme control requirements, an out of control architect/owner or  project that's gone bad. Our experienced team of consultants, experts, attorney's and support staff can cut through the issues and produce deliverables that get the job back in your hands where the profit is made. We know we've been there many times. We have references across the country.


Ask about our long list of experience. We have beaten the ENR top rated claims companies, state and federal jurisdictions and top construction law firms.

S.C.A.M. Analysis
....when you need to reduce your delay risk.


Palcon Consultants COPYRIGHT 2009

IN HOUSE developed system to quickly, easily and cost efficiently analyze issues as they occur.

But-For Total Project Delay Analysis
........when you need to get your money back from a delay


Palcon Consultants COPYRIGHT 2009
IN HOUSE developed system to produce a comprehensive delay analysis which forms the basis of a request for equitable adjustment and Delay Analysis Narrative and QUANTUM.

Palcon Consultants
Project Risk Management Specification


Palcon Consultants
Copyright 2009
In House developed rules, procedures, practices, including development, tracking, earned value, reporting, analysis, recovery, issue resolution, and documentation. 
 NATE, S.C.A.M. Analysis, and But-For Analysis. can be also included.
 Its time to upgrade your Project's Specification Manual

Our shop or yours!


Train your whole company onsite or create a guru. Our training is unlike any you have received to date. We teach our rules, methods and procedures. Experience the evolution/revolution of project management. Look at the bottom of our Home Page to see our current training schedule.
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