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The Revolution
Our current office is in the New Orleans Metro Area

The time has come to challenge current thinking............

Setting hard goals and then achieving them is never easy, but hiring an experienced consultant can often make a huge difference in turning risk into opportunity, goals into achievements and customers into satisfied customers.

Our "Revolution" Service is directed toward public jurisdictions; city, state, and federal projects and large corporate PMOs.
We are leading the charge to change the way jurisdictions and corporate PMOs think, manage and respond to projects from the cradle to grave.
We are not talking about filling the bottoms of your organizations with software types but working from the top down to introduce technology that works and is sustainable with a firm's existing personnel.  In most cases jurisdictions/PMOs are like Dorothy in "The Wizard of OZ". Your team has the magic shoes on they just don't know how to use them.
From the time of the pyramids to the 1950s projects were controlled only with bar chart schedules. Discreet tasks with discreet resources applied to rigid time frames. They were good for a week or two into the future but beyond that another tool was needed. In the 1950s Network Analysis was developed to fill that need. Now projects could manage the dynamic nature of projects and future events. Today Network Analysis has become an industry standard for project management. However with the advent of the personal computer and subsequent project management software something has gone wrong. Most of the analytical process that was the backbone of Network Analysis has been white washed into the background by easy to create bar chart software that let you assemble a Network Analysis without the "ANALYSIS". Entire jurisdictions/enterprises/companies/projects and project teams/managers/CEOs are at a loss for why their systems don't work or work as they are expected to. Instead of decreasing project risk they have actually increased the risk that their project will fail!
To make things worse there is an "occult like" following of certain project management software programs that just fuels the fire. Nowadays current thinking is that if a person is trained in how to use the software then they are "scheduling experts".  That couldn't be farther from the truth.
Our "Revolution" service, which is unique to the typical project management organization structure, is to participate outside of a project, not directly on any specific project but on the enterprise as a whole. As a risk management consultant. Spotting those areas, from the top down, that need to be addressed. In addition we have several solutions that an enterprise can incorporate into their work flow that will promote NETWORK ANALYSIS and allow instant improvements in communications up, down and outside an enterprise/company/project.
Risk management is about systems (analytical, organizational, and technological) that work and provide accurate information to the right parties. Your team has the magic shoes on; we can show them how to use them and turn risk into opportunity.
The revolution has started. Its time to challenge current thinking!  Its up to you to take action, we are leading the charge!


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