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The Revolution
Our current office is in the New Orleans Metro Area

We are simply the best on or off the planet at what we do.  Think about it people can say whatever they like on their website or resume. Amazing, and from our experience a lot of people/companies actually believe what they read without further investigation.

We are just going to say that we have practiced our art since 1988 as Palcon Consultants. We have worked on projects across the planet and also across many many different markets/disciplines. If it has to do with the earth and the constructs people build to live, work, travel, control nature, make stuff, find stuff, get stuff back etc., we have been a part of the team that has got it done.  What this means is that we know how you think and how you get things done. What makes us special is how we think and how we get things done including the custom tools we have built and processes we have perfected.

We want to help you build better, turn risk into opportunity, save time and make more money. To learn more about us in a specific area please contact us.

Our People

Unlike most consulting firms we are not a “head shop” providing staffing off the street to fill the bottom of your organization chart. We are a true consulting firm, a think tank, for finding and providing solutions to your project/company/organization’s issues.  Our people are “experts” that can provide turnkey deliverables and expertise when you need it. We work independently of your culture and interface only as needed. In most cases when we are retained to resolve issues or provide deliverables we free up your staff to continue working on their projects in a productive manner.  

All of our people are routinely engaged in training, professional organizations , professional presentations and other professional activities that complement and increase their professional abilities.

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Or contact us by phone at (504) 367-8920